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Flood Plan
FLOOD INFORMATION (Link below for latest updates)
The Village Flood Plan was conceived following the river flood of 2000. This was higher than the 1997 flood. The village is split into 3 Zones, each zone having a coordinator and 3 wardens. If a Flood Warning is issued, the plan coordinator will oversee events from the Village Hall. A computer Database lists all houses and their occupants, with phone numbers and contact e-mail addresses. In 2000, 14 houses were affected to some degree but only 6 had their ground floors flooded. Hovwatch will be used for news and forecasts. Sandbags will be available to those at risk. The risk has always been from the river and it is important that newcomers make themselves known to their flood wardens.

Flood Wardens

 Advise your Flood Warden of any changes to e-mail, mobile phone numbers, occupants or infirmities
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